River Cruises in Goa – High on Adventure and Pleasure

River Cruises in Goa – High on Adventure and…

Sunset cruises Cape Town by at Goa is tantamount to exploring a wonderland. Overflowing with attractions like beaches, monuments, events and nightlife, this destination promises to create your holidays memorable. Apart from these attractions, Goa offers river cruises, which are high-on-entertainment. Goa Tourism Development Corporation organizes amazing river cruises to entertain tourists. It offers both river cruise and sea cruise.

Mandovi River in Goa is well-known for offering pleasurable cruises. Depending on your comfort and requirement it is possible to choose daytime cruise, sunset cruise and moonlight cruise. Two types of Day cruise are on offer- one is down the Mandovi river into the Zuari bay along with other one is up the Mandovi to Aldona and a mineral water spring.

While sailing through the river, it is possible to enjoy the gorgeous green surroundings and the mesmerizing azure waters of the river. If luck favors you, then you can also sight seagulls and crocodiles. And if you choose to continue an evening river cruise, then you can certainly enjoy live music band and folk dance in cruises like Santa Monica. The cruises also offer arresting sights of the architectural masterpieces such as for example Aguada Fort, Cabo Raj Bhavan and Reis Magos Church.

The night cruise is without a doubt very romantic. Imagine you as well as your beloved sitting in a peaceful and romantic ambiance with star-studded sky and moonlit night. This will surely transport one to a wonderland, that is steeped in beauty and romance. It is the best cruise for couples.

So next time once you intend to visit Goa, do not forget to enjoy its overwhelming river cruises.


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